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Workers Comp

Workers' Compensation Audit

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Put this premier expense recovery service to work for your business today. 

Here is a stat you can not ignore! Over 75% of all employers have overpaid or are currently overpaying on their workers' compensation premium costs. GWI LLC can identify and help employers like you recover any and all overcharges in past workers' compensation insurance premiums. This could be a big bonus to your bottom line! 

Most businesses aren’t aware that they've been overcharged until an independent review is conducted. This is because Workers' Compensation overcharges are the result of a complex system designed by actuaries, implemented by clerical personnel, and overseen by 50 state regulators. Confusion is the name of the game! 

Audited premiums for Workers' Compensation insurance are based on rates, payrolls, classifications, experience modifications, discounts, credits, and other factors which are often confusing and erroneous. Honest mistakes and procedural errors often favor the insurance company. 

Unless you are familiar with the rules and regulations used to calculate premiums, there remains a good chance that your business has been overcharged. 

The Process

We review over forty potential areas of overcharges enabling our auditors to successfully uncover mistakes and then provide our customers with a written detailed report documenting all overcharges. 

We then assist our clients in the actions needed to obtain their refund. We have the experts, the know-how and the determination to sift through this maze of regulations and get you the bottom line results.

Please contact us for your Worker's Compensation Audit needs and questions.

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