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Telecom Services Audit

Take Charge of Your Communications 
Telecom services are among the most difficult to manage in any business. There are more options and more advanced technologies available than ever before, creating overwhelming complexities in the administration of the systems, leading to billing errors at a rate near 90%. 

Pricing and services change constantly, and vendors generate complex and confusing invoices that are severely outdated and prone to errors. Mistakes are typically never discovered or corrected, thus the problem continues to escape detection. 

NO Longer! With GWI LLC, we uncover these overcharges and cut telecom costs by an average of 26%! 

Our Telecom analysis is the foundation of efficient telecom expense management. The GWI LLC Telecommunications analysis typically results in saving between 15% and 40% without a change to your current carrier. We evaluate all areas of your company’s voice and data communications expenditures, help you recover any over payments, make recommendations, and help implement those recommendations to ensure that you quickly realize significant savings. 

Analysis & Conclusions

Our typical review includes a thorough analysis of your common telecom invoices and agreements. 

Some of the areas we routinely focus on are: 

  • Local telephone bills
  • Long distance invoices
  • Frame relay invoices
  • Managed data service invoices
  • Wireless invoices
  • Internet and VOIP bills
  • Invoice and Bill dispute resolutions
  • Tariff investigations
  • Telecom solutions

Please contact us for your Telecom analysis needs and questions. 

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