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Merchant Service Audit

Merchant Services Audit

Take Charge of Your Credit Card Business 
Realize savings up to 40%! Our strategies have worked for over 90% of the businesses that have utilized this service. 

GWI gives you a rock-solid way to reduce your merchant credit card processing expense and identify overcharges for future savings opportunities. 

To achieve this and put big savings back into your business, we perform a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of up to 250 unique cost categories including interchange fees, assessment fees, network fees, communications costs, transaction costs and account on file costs. That’s how we get you the very best costs for your credit card processing fees. 

We know all the tactics for ultimate success. 

We use key industry insiders that know every nook and cranny of the industry. Our auditors are former merchant payment processing executives with years of expertise in pricing, interchange compliance, transaction delivery systems, chargeback and risk mitigation, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, point of sales equipment, residual reporting systems, merchant service contracts, and supply management.

This translates into big savings for you! It is easy to get started and reap the big benefits. 

The Process

Just simply submit your 4 most recent merchant processing statements to GWI, and we will take it from there! 

Contact us today to begin your Cash Flow analysis.

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