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International Tax

International Taxes

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GWI helps U.S. and foreign-based companies navigate the complex world of international taxation. 

How a multinational enterprise handles taxes can be one of the most daunting and complex business issues it faces today. Fundamental business decisions, such as where to locate, choice of entity, and how to finance global operations, can have a critical impact on a multinational’s tax risk profile, global effective tax rate, and cash tax exposure. 

Our goal is to minimize your worldwide tax burden while supporting your global business goals.  

Global Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing 
Transfer pricing involves all aspects of intercompany pricing arrangements between related business entities, including transfers of tangible goods, the provision of services, transfers of intellectual property, and loans and other financing transactions. The practice affects tax planning and financial statements. 

Because it is highly scrutinized by the Internal Revenue Service and foreign tax authorities, it requires careful attention as you plan your international tax strategy. 

Our transfer pricing services include: 

  • Developing economic studies to determine intercompany pricing and interest rates
  • Preparing functional analyses
  • Developing global transfer pricing policies
  • Planning cost sharing arrangements for joint U.S. and foreign research and development of intellectual property
  • Preparing section 6662(e) transfer pricing documentation

Compliance and Reporting

International Tax Compliance
As your company expands internationally, your U.S. tax compliance requirements become more complex and burdensome. Aided by extensive experience and tools, we can help you meet these requirements, help ensure accurate federal income tax returns and streamline any IRS examinations or audits. 

Our professionals have a strong track record of identifying tax saving ideas and fulfilling compliance needs. Our international tax compliance services include: 

  • Foreign data collection, including systems integration (GAAP reporting tools and tax compliance software)
  • Foreign E&P calculations
  • Section 987 branch remittance gain or loss computations
  • Form 5471 compliance, including Schedule M for intercompany transactions
  • Form 8858 for foreign disregarded entities
  • Form 8865 for foreign partnerships
  • Section 367 reporting requirements
  • Form 8873 for ETI
  • Form 1120 IC–DISC and related Schedule P
  • Form 1118

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