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Government Standards Are Complex
Federal government contractors work hard to secure their funding and must continue to work hard to keep it.  They must comply with extensive and complex government regulations or else risk potentially losing or delaying their contract or grant.  

Compliance, however, is a challenge for new entrepreneurs and established contractors alike as they often do not have the required expertise in-house or the time to handle it as they focus on the development and delivery of their product or service. 

To alleviate the stress of compliance, GWI works to ensure contractors meet the federal government’s standards so they can continue to thrive. GWI has training and experience in government contract accounting… an area of specialized knowledge that goes beyond traditional accounting and addresses the needs of contractors who must follow rules that commercial businesses do not. 

We meet government contractors’ needs both pre-award and post-award.  This includes assistance with accounting system compliance, incurred cost submissions (ICS), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) consulting and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audits.  

Above Average Standards

Understand Government Rules
Government contractors always have faced accounting and financial management challenges. Simply put, the bar is higher than in the commercial market. 

Government agencies’ stringent, complex, and seemingly ever-changing accounting and contract regulatory requirements can be especially daunting for small and midsize businesses. Today, when government is ratcheting up efforts to show it is safeguarding taxpayer dollars, contractors must demonstrate that their accounting practices and procedures comply with government requirements. 

Those that clearly do this well with systems, infrastructure, policy, and procedures and an ability to adapt to new requirements have a huge advantage over their competitors.

Contact us today to comply with and navigate the ever changing government requirements.

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